Company Name - Dance/Theatre Arts Education for Children & Young Adults


3:15-4pm Solo

4:30-5:15pm Ballet/Tap Combo I (recommended for ages 4-6)

5:30-6:30pm Ballet/Tap Combo II (recommended for ages 5-7)

7-8pm Advanced Jazz (11 + and instructor recommendation required)

8-8:30pm Solo


3:15-4p Solo

4:30-6pm Intermediate Ballet/Jazz Combo (recommended for ages 7-12)

6-6:30pm Intermediate Tap (recommended for ages 7-12)

6:30-8pm Advanced Ballet (11+ and instructor recommendation required)

8:15-8:45pm Pointe (instructor recommendation required)


Solos Only


3:30-4:15pm Solo

4:45-5:30pm Pre Ballet (recommended for ages 3-4.5)

5:30-6:30pm Theatre/Dance (recommended for ages 6-14)

6:30-7pm Hip Hop I (recommended for ages 6-12 and beginners)

7-7:30pm Hip Hop II (recommended for ages 6-12/at least 2 yrs of Hip Hop I)

7:30-8:15pm Advanced Tap (11+ and instructor recommendation)


Solos Only

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